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The pleasant feel of Schueco sliding doors and windows will make your home feel a better place. People will praise you for your one-time investment in windows, doors, and facades. Our premium sliding windows and doors are prominent in the market as a brand in terms of reliability, and design.

Unitized Glazing

Unitized glazing is a process of installing large glass units that are fabricated and pre-glazed within a factory and then transported to the building/construction site in stacks. The units are then hoisted and installed in the building. Unitized glazing is less time-consuming and high-quality glass material has tolerance in a climate-controlled environment.

In semi-unitized glazing, the framing components are erected individually and a glass panel is placed vertically in each grid. This process is time-consuming compared to the utilized glazing.

Semi-unitized Glazing

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is the process of installing window/glass panels on the facade or entire structure prescribed. The panels may comprise either a toughened glass or any light metal sheet.

Glass curtains are made up of lightweight aluminum framed panels, these are often part of a building envelope like a skyscraper and can also act as a wall system. The curtain wall glazing has been used since last century for modern buildings.

Curtain Wall Glazing

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