Facade System

Give your facade a stunning look with our customized glazing.

Facade System

Best Service for Facades

The facade is the face of the building so it is necessary to add a smile. It should be glazed with high-quality glass panels so that it allows sufficient natural light to pass. AlumTech facade system offers unitized glazing, semi-unitized glazing, structural glazing, curtain wall glazing, skylight, and spider glazing.

We take precise care while glazing and suggest the right color for the glass through our simulation. The direction of the facade also decides which glass to be used for the glazing like single-glazed, laminated glass, double-glazed, or triple-glazed glass. The sunlight has high intensity an hour before and after midday which can hetas up the room. A right-glazing glass material will block the harmful radiations from the sun and will only allow natural light to pass. It will also give privacy from the outside.

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