Door systems

Making entry and exit more secured

Door systems

Best Service for Doors and windows

Doors and windows are the gateway to the light and air flowing into the room apart from humans. The quality and design of doors and windows matter a lot from a beauty point of view.

Traditional doors and windows are now replaced with aluminum doors and windows as aluminum requires no maintenance and is highly reliable compared to wooden ones. The aluminum also gives flashy look to the window or door systems

The doors are responsible for the very first impression to the visitors. People really look quickly at doors as soon as they arrive. They garnish the house with an attractive design pattern. Our smart door systems are designed to keep your home locked and secured. Our engineers have worked on the design for hinges and locks.

There are multiple door types in the latest market trend that include hi-tech door systems with sensors, up to 180’ operating angle, self, claw bolt, and pin locking system. Shutter doors are also common in commercial buildings.

AlumTech fabricates standard to customized door systems with embedded systems to keep your premises secured.

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